Messenger of Spring / Frühlingsbote – Giveaway Prada flower

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first messenger of spring - erster Frühlingsbote

first messenger of spring – erster Frühlingsbote

I like the winter season – crispy cold outside, with lots of snow and preferably sunshine. Unfortunately, we have been getting a lot of rain these days and the temperatures have constantly been going up and down, up and down, up and down, pretty hard on the system…   🙁

Ich mag den Winter – knackig kalt draussen, mit viel Schnee und vorzugsweise Sonnenschein. Leider haben wir in der letzten Zeit aber sehr viel Regen und Temperaturen, die permanent auf und ab gehen und für den Kreislauf ziemlich unangenehm sind…   🙁

a bit of spring - ein wenig Frühling

a bit of spring – ein wenig Frühling

I found the first messenger of spring   🙂   a few days ago and took it home with me. It makes me smile every time I look at the little yellow blossoms. If you need a little flower to cheer you up and make you happy, simply join my PRADA flower giveaway   🙂    …only a few hours to go!

Den ersten Frühlingsboten    🙂    habe ich vor einigen Tagen gefunden und mit nach Hause genommen. Immer wenn ich die kleinen gelben Blüten anschaue, freue ich mich darüber. Wenn eine kleine Blume Sie erheitern und zum Lächeln bringen kann, nehmen Sie doch einfach an meinem PRADA Blume-Giveaway    🙂    teil…es endet in wenigen Stunden!

Prada flower giveaway

Prada flower giveaway


🙂     GOOD LUCK!      🙂

🙂     VIEL GLÜCK!      🙂




  • Jill
    Januar 12, 2013

    I do love spring flowers but something of the quiet of winter inspires me too. I feel more contemplative during the winter months, which can be both good and bad! Hope you are having a fun weekend. And oh, you will love this, I just took my kids to the circus in NYC tonight (at Lincoln Center) and sitting in front of us was a lady, maybe in her early 70s, carrying a crocodile Kelly with gold hardware! It was gorgeous! I LOVE that she brought her exotic Kelly to the circus! Isn’t that wild? XO, Jill

    • happyface313
      Januar 13, 2013

      Thank you, dear Jill! Oh, wow, a crocodile Kelly at the circus – so she took the one animal to see the others? 😉 Yes, I love it! But probably you have to be around that age so people will think it wonderfully eccentric and not out of place, or? You have a lovely Sunday, too! xo 🙂

  • viveka
    Januar 13, 2013

    Poor little flower … daffodils is my favorite spring flower. It’s like the sun has landed on earth when they bloom, my first meeting with Ireland was in March 1991 – the road from airport to Dublin was lined with, I think, 1000 of daffodils on both sides. Amazing and I felt at home straight away because of all those yellow flowers.
    So glad you took it with home, it was a bit lost out there in January.

    • happyface313
      Januar 13, 2013

      These yellow flowers are so tiny and yet so powerful! I buy them as long as I can get them – for Easter a whole big vase full of them – 50 or so 🙂 Have a very HAPPY Sunday xo 🙂

  • happyface313
    Januar 13, 2013

    Freut mich sehr, dass Du hierher gefunden hast 🙂 Natürlich bist Du jetzt auch dabei! 🙂 VIEL GLÜCK ! 🙂

  • exoddinary
    Januar 19, 2013

    Aww, I love that little yellow flower! It’s beautiful! I think it’d also make me smile and brighten my mood on a dull winter’s day. Somehow, yellow always pops and is such a happy colour! Explains why these little guys are yellow, right? –> 🙂 Hehe!

    Stay warm! xx

    • happyface313
      Januar 20, 2013

      Thank you! Yes, there is truth to that 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday! 🙂