Busy as a bee…

DSC01889 HappyFace313

…running around. Had been searching for Christmas baubles today, spent more than an hour at DEPOT looking for the right color combinations…and then I had so much work to do in the office and at home, that I’m keeping it short today. More tomorrow! Until then…

Ich habe heute nach Weihnachtskugeln gesucht und war sicherlich über eine Stunde im DEPOT, um nach den richtigen Farben und den richtigen Kombinationen zu schauen…im Job und Zuhause gab’s dann auch noch reichlich zu tun, so dass ich mich heute sehr kurz fasse (sonst ja nicht meine Stärke). Morgen mehr! Bis dahin…


🙂      …wishing you a HAPPY Friday!       🙂

      🙂      …wünsche ich Ihnen einen SCHÖNEN Freitag!       🙂


  • viveka
    November 29, 2013

    Dia, take it easy – you’re suppose to survive Christmas *smile Have a relaxed day now.

    • happyface313
      November 29, 2013

      I was working on my daughter’s Advent calendar – and that took far longer than I thought, so I was totally pooped. Today I have a late start to work, what a pleasure 😉
      Big hug, have a wonderful day, my dear! Big hugs! xo 🙂

      • viveka
        November 29, 2013

        Sounds like you are having a great start on your day.
        Sitting in Dublin just now – flying back home this afternoon, all the fun is over – but the RAM is filled with great stuff.
        Hugs from the breakfast table. *smile

  • happyface313
    November 30, 2013

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m truly happy you are enjoying yourself here!

    I’ve seen quite a bit of Thanksgiving pictures from family and friends – the turkeys and other foods looked quite delicious 🙂

    Where to is your granddaughter going for Christmas in Germany?

    Have a very HAPPY Sunday. Sherri 🙂