Botox to go

DSC02598 Botox to go HappyFace313

My hair dresser’s salon in Hamburg is located on the first floor of Gerhorstrasse 40 in the center of the city. While he colors and cuts I can look out of the window and see 

BO TOX to go

written on a window just across from where I’m sitting, on the other side of the street. And I always wonder – do you go in, say something like “I’d like some Botox on my forehead”, pay a couple of bucks, get an/some injection(s) and leave – just as if one were buying a coffee at one of the many coffee places? I’m really intrigued…one of these days I think I have to go and check the place out myself – NO, NO botox for me! I might do some other stuff, but botox? forget it!

Mein Friseur hat seinen Salon in Hamburgs Innenstadt, in der Gerhofstraße 40 im 1. Stock. Immer wenn ich dort sitze und er färbt und schneidet, kann ich aus dem Fenster schauen und sehe auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite 

BO TOX to go

in großen Lettern auf dem Fenster stehen. Ich frage mich immer wie das wohl ist – geht man einfach hin, sagt “Ich hätte gern ein bisschen Botox in die Stirn”, legt seine Kröten auf den Tisch, bekommt seine Injektion(en) und das war’s dann? So, als ob man sich einen Kaffee in einem der vielen Kaffeeläden holt? Mich fasziniert das und es wird der Tag kommen, an dem ich dem Laden mal einen Besuch abstatten werde. NEIN, KEIN Botox für mich! Ich kann mir ja einiges vorstellen, aber sicherlich kein Botox! 

Is there a sign you pass regularly and that makes you wonder what the secret behind it is?

Gibt es ein Schild, das Sie regelmäßig passieren und bei dem Sie sich wundern was wohl dahinter steckt?

      🙂      Have a fun and HAPPY Friday!     🙂

      🙂     Ihnen einen fröhlichen und SCHÖNEN Freitag!        🙂

  • happyface313
    Januar 24, 2014

    😀 Hahaha! I had to laugh out loud when I read your comment – just the thought of going for a “shot” of Botox, after a couple of “shots” of booze… 😀 I guess everything’s possible these days?

  • viveka
    Januar 25, 2014

    Dia, you’re my kind of girl … no BoTox here neither – Also I think it will be like a drug in the end … when it starts let go, I will be back for more. I don’t dare to start … I will be hooked.
    Long time since I saw a sign that I wondered over, but I will start looking for one.

    • happyface313
      Januar 25, 2014

      You’re right! It will probably be that way – one gets addicted to it. So no, I can’t imagine using Botox.
      I bet you’ll find some kind of sign or something that will make you wonder 😉
      Have a wonderful evening, my dear xo 🙂

      • viveka
        Januar 26, 2014

        I don’t mind when people do their nips and tucks .. and do it right – like Sharon Osbourne, she became a stunning lady.
        But I think far too many people are getting addicted and if you have started with Botox I think you have to carry on with it.
        I will be looking for intersting signs from now on. *smile
        And I wish you a pleasant working week – TV weather showed me that you have cold weather in Vienna. Keep warm and safe. *smile

  • Roswitha
    Februar 4, 2014

    I have tried this myself once and if you like, which can be like the following link to tell you more … With the advice and execution I was at peace

    Hautarzt München Innenstadt

    many greetings

    • happyface313
      Februar 6, 2014

      Thank you very much for your comment, dear Rosi!
      I really appreciate your letting me know where there’s a reliable place and good doctor to go, should I ever take Botox into consideration.
      Have a very HAPPY weekend 🙂