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In 10 days we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day and where ever I go I see hearts. companies are advertising their products and magazines are full of ideas. Today I’d like to show you my favorite sweet gift ideas:

LUCKY HEARTS – candy, approx. 2,50 Euros

GLÜCKSHERZCHEN – Bonbons, ca. EUR 2.50

In zehn Tagen steht der Valentinstag wieder an und wohin ich auch gehe, überall sehe ich Herzen. Firmen bewerben Ihre Produkte und die Zeitschriften sind voller Ideen.  Heute möchte ich Ihnen meine liebsten süßen kleine Geschenke vorstellen:

ZOTTER – fair trade miniature chocolate with raspberry & coconut, approx. 1,50 Euro

ZOTTER – Fairtrade Schoko-Miniature, hier Himbeere mit Cocos, ca. EUR 1,50

Zotter Fairtrade chocolate with raspberry and coconut

Zotter Fairtrade chocolate with raspberry and coconut

LOVE NOTES – edible paper hearts and pen, approx. 2 Euros

LOVE NOTES – herzförmiges Esspapier mit Stift, ca. EUR 2

Love Notes

Love Notes

HARIBO SWEET HEARTS – box of different sized read hearts, approx. 3 Euros

SÜSSE HERZEN von HARIBO – verschieden große Gummi-herzen, ca. EUR 3

Sweet Hearts - Haribo - Süße Herzen,

Sweet Hearts – Haribo – Süße Herzen

orange Hermès-style box with chewing gum, 5 Euros

orangefarbene Dose im Hermès-Stil mit Kaugummi, EUR 5

Cadena / Lock box with chewing gum

Cadena / Lock box with chewing gum

More gift ideas for Valentines’s Day to follow here shortly.

Weitere Geschenk-Ideen für den Valentinstag finden Sie hier in Kürze.

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🙂    Have a very relaxed and HAPPY Sunday!    🙂

🙂      Ihnen allen einen sehr entspannten und SCHÖNEN Sonntag!        🙂

  • viveka
    February 2, 2014

    Lovely …. and sweet – but I don’t like Valentine – I would love to eat sweets like the whole year around. Lucky heart … and Sweet Hearts from Haribo – love Haribo’s stuff.
    Have a pleasant week, my Austrian heart.

  • jackiemallon
    February 3, 2014

    I love Valentines Day for one reason only: another excuse to eat chocolate–and maybe get it given to you in a fancy pastel box! (Although I haven’t stopped eating it since Christmas so the point is moot…) Ah well, bring the Milk Tray, kind sir! 🙂

  • *Wisher*
    February 3, 2014

    wow.. these are so lovely and sweet.. 😀 thank you for the beautiful pictures.

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