What others say about Hamburg

Hamburg- Binnenalster mit Alsterpavillion, Petri-Kirche & Rathaus

Hamburg- Binnenalster mit Alsterpavillion, Petri-Kirche & Rathaus

Hamburg is my home town. I love it. And others do, too.

Hamburg ist meine Heimatstadt. Ich liebe sie. Andere auch.

Would you argue with Karl Lagerfeld? / Kann man mit Karl Lagerfeld diskutieren?

Would you ever argue with Karl Lagerfeld? / Würden Sie jemals Karl Lagerfelds Wort anzweifeln?

They have said many good things about “my” HAMBURG in their own words…as did Karl Lagerfeld – no further comment form my side needed, righty?

Sie haben “mein” HAMBURG sehr treffend beschrieben…wie schon Karl Lagerfeld – aber den Herrn muss ich nicht weiter vorstellen, oder?

...meines auch!!! / ...mine too!!!

…meines auch!!! / …mine too!!!

Jan Delay is a Hamburg born musician

typisch Udo...

typisch Udo… / this is a typical Udo Lindenberg comment

For those of you who do not know German rock singer and artist Udo Lindenberg, please klick here

DSC02616 Michael Stich Hamburg HappyFace

Noch ein “Hamburger Jung” Tennis Legende – Michael Stich …

…Tennis legend born in the greater Hamburg area

DSC02617 Fettes Brot Hamburg HappyFace313

…and another hip-hop band from Hamburg  Fettes Brot

referring to the pirate Klaus Störtebeker

DSC02620 John Neumeier Hamburg HappyFace313

Hamburg’s American son: Milwaukee/Wisconsin born (!!!), long time and very, very, very best ballet director

John Neumeier

DSC02614 Hamburg John Lennon HappyFace313I wonder what John Lennon was thinking of when he said this…       😉

DSC02618 Lotto king Karl Hamburg HappyFace31

Ending today’s entry with Lotto King Karl’s words which are the chorus of Hamburg, meine Perle, his tribute to both our home town.


      🙂      HAPPY Friday, everybody!       🙂

        🙂        Ihnen allen einen WUNDERSCHÖNEN Freitag!       🙂

  • jackiemallon
    März 28, 2014

    Well, I’m not about to go head to head with Kaiser Karl and a legendary Beatle! However I have always heard this said about your city. I have a friend from there who sings its beauty and I have been wanting to visit. I think soon as we must still fit in a honeymoon and I want to take my husband on a Ryanair (not glamourous but hey, cheap!) tour of Europe’s best cities. Hamburg’s a sure contender.

  • taphian
    März 30, 2014

    I don’t want to live anywhere else in the world. Hamburg is so beautiful

  • viveka
    April 1, 2014

    Had a lot of fun in Hamburg – and it’s a big city .. with bright lights, but many years ago – maybe it’s time for new visit.