Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Weekly Photo Challenge Letters HappyFace313


This week’s photo challenge asks for LETTERS. When we start (pre-)school we learn to read and write, letter by letter. Letters make words and the words turn into sentences, some have a very important meaning*.

In dieser Woche lautet das Thema der Weekly Photo Challenge Buchstaben. Sobald wir in die (Vor-)Schule kommen, lernen wir Lesen und Schreiben – Buchstabe für Buchstabe. Aus Buchstaben werden Worte und aus Worte werden Sätze. Manchmal haben einen sehr wichtigen Inhalt*.

        🙂        A very HAPPY weekend, everybody!        🙂

      🙂       Ihnen allen ein sehr SCHÖNES Wochenende!       🙂

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* Never forget to check if a life vest really is under your seat when you go on a long distance flight. If not, request a different seat!

* Vergessen Sie nie unter Ihren Sitz zu fassen und zu prüfen, ob sich unter Ihrem Sitz wirklich eine Schwimmweste befindet, wenn Sie auf einen Langstreckenflug gehen. Wenn nicht, bitten Sie um einen neuen Platz!

  • sustainabilitea
    April 27, 2014

    Always useful. 🙂


  • Tina Schell
    April 27, 2014

    Funny, with as many flights as I’ve taken, I’ve actually never checked to see if there was a life vest! But I will now 🙂 Excellent choice for the challenge and a good suggestion too!

    • happyface313
      April 27, 2014

      When I was a kid my aunt was a flight attendant and she told me to always grab under my seat and make sure the life vest is there. I still do it, well, at least most of the time 😉

  • jackiemallon
    April 28, 2014

    Funny too that the words that are the most important are the ones we gloss over! xo

    • happyface313
      April 29, 2014

      Very true and in a way very scary!
      I always have to remind myself when flying that I make sure that I know where the nearest emergency exit is… 😉

  • viveka
    Mai 1, 2014

    Good one!!!!! Like you way of thinking. *smile