Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

vintage Hermès gloves - a work of art


Have you ever considered gloves a work of art? To be quite frank, I haven’t. But since I visited the Festival des Métiers in which Hermès craftsmen showed their skills and knowledge (here), I do see gloves and in particular these, as a work of art, because now I know how the leather was inspected, streched and pulled before it was worked on, because I know how it was cut, how the tiniest pieces of leather were used to strengthen the glove, how most of it was sewn by hand, like the pattern on the top or the fingers with the outside seams, how the little gold coin (the sellier button) was added and everything was done in a way, that after 20 years these yellow gloves are still in very good shape, that I still like to wear and show these beautiful gloves off. Yes, for me they are a work of art!

meine alten gelben Lederhandschuhe

meine 20 Jahre alten gelben Hermès Lederhandschuhe / my 20 years old yellow Hermès gloves

Haben Sie Handschuhe jemals als ein Kunstwerk angesehen? Ich, um ehrlich zu sein, nicht. Seit ich aber am letzten Wochenende beim Festival des Métiers war, bei dem Hermès Kunsthandwerker (hier) ihre Künste zeigten und ihr Wissen darboten, sehe ich Handschuhe und insbesondere diese, mit ganz andere Augen, weil ich jetzt weiß, wie die Lederhaut begutachtet, gezogen und gestreckt wurde bevor sie von Hand zugeschnitten wurde, weil ich weiß, wie die kleinsten Lederstückchen verwendet wurden, um den Handschuh zu stärken, wie der Großteil per Hand genäht wird, wie z.B. die Ziernähte oben  auf oder die Finger mit den aussenliegenden Nähten, wie die kleine goldene Münze, der Sellier-Knopf, eingefügt wurde und alles so, dass diese gelben Handschuhe noch nach 20 Jahren in Form sind und ich sie nach wie vor gern und stolz trage. Ja, für mich sind sie wirklich ein Kunstwerk!x

        🙂        Have a very HAPPY Friday!        🙂

      🙂       Ihnen allen einen sehr SCHÖNEN Freitag!       🙂

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  • jackiemallon
    May 24, 2014

    ANd I’ve always been fascinated by the shape the glove takes of the wearer, the impression of the knuckles, the wrinkles that echo the skin of the hand within the glove. That when they’re left on a table they sit like a relaxed hand. My gloves gave me a premonition of how my hands will look when I am old and wrinkly 🙂

    • happyface313
      May 25, 2014

      Never thought of how my gloves might suggest to others or myself how my hands will look when I’m old and wrinkly. I really enjoy your train of thoughts! 🙂

  • viveka
    May 31, 2014

    Great entry … I love gloves, but I always lose one of them – the right hand … they don’t look worn at all … inside, light gloves normally gets darker inside, that shows the quality.

    • happyface313
      June 2, 2014

      I’m pretty good when it comes to gloves – knock on wood! – I don’t lose them too often and sure hope it stays this way!
      Many hugs, dear Viveka xo

      • viveka
        June 2, 2014

        My friend. Anna-Liisa, she bought two pair of gloves … when she found some that really liked – in case she lost one glove and she did – but she always lost the right hand one, so she ended up with two left hands *laughing – so she don’t do the two pair anymore. I lose at least one per season.

      • happyface313
        June 2, 2014

        😀 Anna-Liisa sounds like fun, I like her! Can’t she just wear two lefts or two rights right from the beginning when she buys them? Would look interesting, hahaha 😀 xo

      • viveka
        June 4, 2014

        I have worn 2 left hands once, took the wrong gloves … very uncomfortable – but I had to because it was freezing outside.

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