Is it old or is it new – Nissan Figaro

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Another interesting car we saw when driving through Bavaria here a little while ago. Nissan’s unusual looking Figaro was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1989. This model was meant to look like a vintage car from the 1950’ies, based on a modern Micra and was only available in four colours that resemble the four seasons and were common for those days. This one here is Emerald Green (I’ve never seen an emerald in such a pale shade). All cars were right hand drive and a mere 20.000 Figaro’s were built. Demand was so high, that Nissan held a lottery for purchase options, after the first 8000 cars had been sold!

Auch dieses ungewöhnlich anmutende Auto haben wir auf unserer Fahrt durch Bayern hier gesehen. Nissan stellte seinen sehr Retro ausschauenden Figaro auf der Tokio Motor Show im Jahr 1989 vor. Er sollte an die guten alten 1950’iger Jahre erinnern, war aber auf Basis des Micra konstruiert worden. Es gab den Wagen nur in vier verschiedenen Lackierungen, die für die Jahreszeiten standen, zugleich aber auch an die Farben der damaligen Zeit erinnern sollten. Der Figaro auf diesen Fotos ist „Emerald Green“ (mir ist noch nie so ein blasser Smaragd untergekommen!). Diese Fahrzeuge wurden nur als Rechtslenker gebaut und es gab davon auch nur 20.000 Stück. Die Nachfrage nach dem Figaro war so hoch, dass Nissan eine Lotterie für Kaufoptionen einrichtete, nachdem die ersten 8.000 Stück verkauft waren. 

Nissan Figaro 1 HappyFace313

Shoji Takahashi designed the Nissan Figaro and won a design competition with this car! I’ve seen a couple of Figaros in the UK and every now and then one in Germany, but unfortunately I was never able to test drive this unusual car. Maybe someday…

Der Designer Shoji Takahashi gewann einen Design-Wettbewerb für den Nissan Figaro, der aus seiner Feder stammte! In Grossbritannien und vereinzelt in Deutschland habe ich Figaros gesehen. Leider habe ich mit diesem ungewöhnlichen Auto nie eine Testfahrt machen können. Wer weiss, vielleicht irgendwann einmal…

Do you like vintage design on a new car?

Gefällt Ihnen Vintage Design an neuen Autos?


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  • viveka
    Juni 24, 2014

    Very nice car – Fait isn’t a car that is high on my chart, don’t know … maybe it’s becuase Fiat never has taken on up here in our cold weather, Vintage or new ??? All depends on the car, I think there is a very special elegance in a vintage car, but for comfort I lean more to modern car. Lexus is one of my favorite modern cars and Audi, for many years I had SAAB cab – postbox yellow as number one. Have a great week.

    • happyface313
      Juni 25, 2014

      Ah, SAAB convertible…have always liked them. But in postbox yellow? So you were “Vivi, the fastest postal delivery officer in town” 😉 ?

      • viveka
        Juni 25, 2014

        *laughing – our postboxes are yellow and when SAAB launched there beauitful car – they launched it in the same yellow and they called postbox yellow. Stunning color. – I don’t think our national post could afford to use SAAB in any model as delivery van. Now SAAB is only a fairy tale. What a pity.

  • *Wisher*
    Juni 24, 2014

    Love the vintage car.. And the minty color.. Great shot

    • happyface313
      Juni 24, 2014

      Thanks, but it was pouring rain and we were just driving by… but it’s really a very cute car 🙂

  • jackiemallon
    Juni 24, 2014

    Irish person yells “peppermint not emerald!” but all the same it’s a cute and stylish little set of wheels. xo

    • happyface313
      Juni 24, 2014

      I know – emerald is a totally different color. But you know how it is with these designers…they often have a different perception of things… 😉

  • ladysarahinlondon
    Juni 27, 2014

    I loved the figaro. We very nearly bought one after selling the MG roadster.

    • happyface313
      Juni 28, 2014

      The Figaro is cute, but no comparison to an MG roadster 🙂

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