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A couple of days I showed you the new essence face products hereto be out in stores in Germany and Austria as of 25th August. Today it’s all about lips.

Vor ein paar Tagen zeigte ich Ihnen hier die neuen essence Produkte für’s Gesicht, die ab dem 25. August in den Verkaufsregalen in Deutschland und Österreich stehen werden. Heute geht’s um die Verschönerung der Lippen.

essence Lippenstifte und Glosse

essence Lippenstifte, Glosse und Lipbalm

essence will launch some new lip colors and products end of this month and here comes a new glossy lip balm in raspberry sorbet. I like the shimmery color and the flavor, but I’m not fond of balms and glosses in tubes, as it’s hard to make out the right amount. Just a little too much can be way to much on the lips.

Mit den neuen essence Lippen-Produkten wird es ab Ende August auch einen neuen glossy lipbalm in der Geschmacksrichtung Himbeer-Sorbet geben. Mir gefallen die leicht glitzernde Farbe und der Lipbalm schmeckt gut, aber ich bin kein Fan von Tuben, weil sich die Menge nur schwer bestimmen lässt und man leider oft viel zu viel auf den Lippen hat, was ganz schnell unangenehm wird. 

essence glossy lipbalm aufgetragen

essence glossy lipbalm aufgetragen

Swatches of the glossy lipbalm  – a bit more in front to show the glimmer in the gloss and in the rear the sheer color.

Hier Swatches des glossy lipbalm – vorn etwas mehr, um den Glitzer im Gloss zu zeigen, hinten nur der schiere Glanz.

essence long lasting lipsticks

essence long lasting lipsticks matt & shine

It’s a matt, matt world and essence will have long lasting matt effect lipsticks in shops shortly. My favorite color is 15 oh so matt! a neutral nude shade that mixes well with other glosses.

Die Welt ist matt und so bringt essence in Kürze auch drei matte long lasting lipsticks in die Regale. Mein klarer Favorit ist 15 oh so matt!, eine neutrale nude-Schattierung, die sich wunderbar mit anderen Farben und Glossen mixen lässt.

essence 15 oh so matt! lipstick

essence 15 oh so matt! lipstick

Furthermore to come are three new shades of long lasting lipsticks in pink, nude and black (all three sold exclusively at Müller). My favorite is 17 i love cake pop.

Ausserdem wird es drei neue Farbschattierungen der long lasting lipsticks in nude, pink und schwarz geben (die exklusiv über Müller verkauft werden). Mein Favorit ist 17 i love cake pop.

i love cake pop & oh so matt! aufgetragen

i love cake pop (links) & oh so matt! (rechts) aufgetragen

essence lipsticks und effect glosse aufgetragen

essence lipsticks und effect glosse aufgetragen

Above you can see swatches from left to right: / Oben Swatches v.l.n.r.:

long lasting lipstick 17 i love cake pop

effect lipgloss C03 berry dust

long lasting lipstick 15 oh so matt!

effect lipgloss C01frosty flakes

essence effect lipgloss

new essence effect lipgloss

essence effect lip glosses are new in the shelves as of end of the month, too. They offer high shine and depending on what’s inside – flakes, metallic, holographic or ultimate shimmer pigments – you’ll fall for at least one of them. What I like about the gloss is that you can almost paint your lips “blind”, add a dash of glitter or shine without having to take out the big ole mirror.

Mit Ende des Monats stehen auch die neuen essence effect lipglosse in den Regalen. Egal, ob mit Flakes, Metallic, holographisch oder mit Schimmerpigmenten – Sie werden wenigstens einem verfallen! Besonders gut gefällt mir an den Glossen, dass man sie fast “blind” auftragen, den Lippen ein wenig Glanz oder Glitzer hinzufügen kann, ohne den großen Spiegel heraus kramen zu müssen.

present favorite colors / derzeitige Lieblingsfarben

present favorite colors / derzeitige Lieblingsfarben

My favorite essence lip products are presently: essence effect lipgloss in C01 frosty flakes,  long lasting lipstick in 15 oh so matt! and 17 i love cake pop, effect lipgloss in C04 berry dust and my all time favorite essence lip liners in 01 soft rose (left) and 06 satin mauve (right).

Meine momentanen essence Lieblings-Lippenprodukte sind der effect lipgloss in C01 frosty flakes, long lasting lipstick in 15 oh so matt! und in 17 i love cake pop, der effect lipgloss in C04 berry dust und dazu mein Langzeitfavoriten, die essence Lipliner in 01 soft rose und 06 satin mauve!

essence lipsticks 6 HappyFace313

      🙂      Have very HAPPY Friday !       🙂

      🙂     Ihnen einen WUNDERSCHÖNEN Freitag!      🙂

N.B.: All afore mentioned products to be in stores in Germany & Austria on 25-Aug-2014

N.N.B.: New essence face make-up here, new essence eye make-up here, new white essence color & go nail polish and graffiti nail foil here

  • Courtney Shea
    August 15, 2014

    Nice post! Glad you included the swatches. I have actually never heard of this brand so it was interesting to see so much information on these products!

    • happyface313
      August 15, 2014

      🙂 Thanks for your comment! Glad to hear I was able to provide some information for you 🙂
      Have a very HAPPY weekend! 🙂

  • viveka
    August 15, 2014

    Wow, this nearly make me rethink to use lipstick again. What informative post, Dia.
    Once I was very much in love with a very nice young man and he didn’t like kissing girls with lipstick and I have never put it on again, that was about 40 years ago. *smile – Now I don’t feel comfortable wearing it at all .. feel unfresh when I put lipstick on, same with lipgloss. I think it’s very sexy with lipstick if it’s properly put on and deep red, but very few can carry it off and I’m one.

    • happyface313
      August 15, 2014

      😀 Oh, these men! I had a boyfriend ages ago who always told me to put some color on my lips. – The Mr. likes color too, but he hates lipgloss when it’s sticky and literally wipes his lips after I kiss him (with gloss on) 😀
      I don’t like anything sticky on my lips either, so I’m quite happy with these glosses. Plus I like the fact that I just have a sheer shimmer on my kisser, without looking too made up.
      Your picture with the rose pedal has some lipstick, too, or? So I trust lip color looks good on you! xo 🙂

      • viveka
        August 16, 2014

        Dia, my profile photo is natural!! – It’s about 9 years old image now.
        Lipgloss I don’t like – just as your Mr says .. the lips look sticky on most women. *smile
        I didn’t even notice that you had lipstick on – skimmer sounds good to me.
        Now it’s so many years since I used lipstick and I don’t like the feeling to wear lipstick even, have tried for very special events, but it has only stayed on for a couple of minutes *smile

  • jackiemallon
    August 16, 2014

    I am rocking red lipstick at the minute and am a creature of habit…well, until I drop it in favor of a new all-time fave 🙂

    • happyface313
      August 16, 2014

      🙂 I admire ladies who will wear rocking red lipstick, like you do on the photo 🙂 I trust there’s a color in this collection that you’d like! And since they’re very well priced they are worth a try (and perhaps they have testers in the store).
      HAPPY weekend, my dear! 🙂