Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

Sardinia - Sardegna - Sardinien

Sardinia – Sardegna – Sardinien

I love water – probably it’s got to do something with my zodiac sign – swimming in it, looking at it, the sheer beauty of it.

Ich liebe das Meer – hat wohl etwas mit meinem Sternzeichen zu tun – darin zu schwimmen, es anzusehen, seine pure Schönheit.


      🙂       Have a very HAPPY Friday, everybody!       🙂

      🙂       Ihnen allen einen sehr SCHÖNEN Freitag!      🙂


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  • sustainabilitea
    Januar 30, 2015

    I’m a Pisces, too, but although I love the water, the mountains are my favorite. Does that make me a fish out of water? 🙂


  • jackiemallon
    Februar 1, 2015

    Maybe my Sagittarian astrology is what prevents me from learning to swim. I’d rather swing from a tree in a forest! With my bow and arrow on my back :-)xo

    • happyface313
      Februar 1, 2015

      😀 You make me laugh, haha! 🙂
      I try to pictures you swinging from tree to tree with your sewing gear in your back pack… 🙂

  • silkpathdiary
    Februar 2, 2015

    Lovely photo! I find just watching the sea particularly relaxing – I don’t even have to be in it. But being an Earth sign means I do prefer to be on land even if it’s a mountain 🙂

    • happyface313
      Februar 2, 2015

      🙂 I do like mountains, but I prefer them in a safe distance 😉
      A very HAPPY week to you! 🙂

  • aj vosse
    Februar 8, 2015

    I’m Pisces… that must be why i also love water… well, not really swimming but being beside or afloat!! Dreaming!! 😉

    • happyface313
      Februar 8, 2015

      🙂 welcome to the club of colorful fish in the big wide ocean… 🙂

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