Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Ships afloat in the bay of Hong Kong – there’s a lot of movement on the water. I’m enjoying  my visit here tremendously and probably many people, too (and not just on the vessels!).


       🙂       Have a very HAPPY week, everybody!       🙂

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  • Jill
    August 22, 2016

    Enjoy your trip! I received nearly 40 emails from your blog last night, all at the same time, and all with old posts. Did you know about this?

    • happyface313
      August 22, 2016

      🙂 Dear Jill,
      I’m so terribly sorry! Some of my posts landed in the trash mail. I don’t know why. Anyhow, I must have klicked the wrong button to put them into their old place. I received 2 phone calls this morning from friends asking if and what I had done. Yikes.

      APOLOGIES for the SPAM-Mail I accidentally sent!!!

      Big hug to you and a very HAPPY week xo 🙂